Sunday, December 9, 2007

Healthcare (Part IV - Useful Phrases)

It's finally time to learn some useful phrases. Be sure to check the previous posts for more vocabulary related to healthcare. Remember you can email me more phrases or ideas to improve this list.


  • I'm not feeling well = No me siento bien / Me siento mal
  • I'm sick/ill. = Estoy enfermo/a
  • My ______ hurts = Me duele (n) ___________
    e.g. My stomach hurts = Me duele el estómago
  • It hurts here / I have a pain here = Me duele aquí
  • My blood type is... = Mi tipo de sangre es...
  • I am allergic to....(penicillin) = Soy alérgico a la penicilina
  • I am diabetic = Soy diabético
  • I am pregnant = Estoy embarazada
  • I'm on the pill = Estoy tomando la píldora
  • I broke my leg / arm = Me rompí (o quebré) la pierna / el brazo
  • I had a heart attack = Tuve un infarto (o un ataque al corazón)
  • I need this medicine/medicament = Necesito esta medicina (o este medicamento)
  • I don't feel well. Have you something for...? = Me siento mal. ¿Tiene algo para...?
  • Could you please call a doctor? = ¿Podría llamarme a un médico, por favor?
  • Can the doctor come here? = ¿Puede visitarme el médico?

  • What are your symptoms? = ¿Cuáles son sus síntomas?
  • Have you had these symptoms before? = ¿Ha tenido estos síntomas antes?
  • Do you have pain? = ¿Tiene dolor?
  • What were you doing when the pain began? = ¿Qué estaba haciendo cuando el dolor empezó?
  • Have you had this pain before? = ¿Ha tenido este dolor antes?
  • Where does it hurt? = ¿En dónde le duele?
  • How long have you had this pain? =¿Hace cuánto tiempo que tiene el dolor?
  • Does it hurt here? = ¿Le duele aquí?
  • Does it hurt anywhere else? = ¿En dónde más le duele?
  • Does it hurt much or little? = ¿Le duele mucho o poco?
  • Does the pain come and go or is it constant? = ¿El dolor es constante o viene y se va?
  • Are you thirsty? = ¿Tiene sed?
  • Do you have double vision? = ¿Mira doble?
  • Are you constipated? = ¿Está constipado?
  • Have you vomited? = ¿Ha vomitado?
  • Did it have blood in it? = ¿Había sangre?
  • Can you urinate? = ¿Puede orinar?
  • Have you had diarrhea? = ¿Ha tenido diarrea?
  • Have you eaten anything new? = ¿Ha comido algo diferente/nuevo?
  • Did anyone else eat that? = ¿Alguien más comió eso?
  • When was the last time you went to the bathroom? = ¿Cuándo fue la última vez que fue al baño?
  • What time did you eat your last meal? = ¿A qué horas tuvo su última comida?
  • Do you take medication? = ¿Toma alguna medicina?
  • Lie down, please = Recuéstese, por favor
  • Open your mouth = Abra la boca
  • Breath deeply = Respire profundo/hondo
  • Breathe deep in and out = Inhale y exhale profundo / hondo
  • Unbutton your shirt/blouse = Desabróchese la camisa/blusa
  • I’m going to check your pulse = Le voy a revisar/chequear el pulso.
  • I am going to take your blood pressure = Voy a tomarle la presión/tensión
  • You are 38.2 degrees = Tiene 38.2 grados (de temperatura)

  • Get better! = ¡Que te mejores/se mejore!
  • Get well soon! = ¡Recupérate pronto! ¡Que te mejores pronto!

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Anonymous said...

This is a really useful way to learn medical terms:) and thanks a lot for sharing it.
I would just like to say that
Have you had diarrhea? should be = ¿Ha tenido diarrea? (past tense)
and that Have you eaten anything new? = ¿Ha comido algo diferente/nuevo? ("Comida" means "food" and "comido" means "eaten") :)
Thanks again for your useful website:)

Erin said...
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Anonymous said...

In Spanish, constipado/a generally means congested, at least from what I've seen used.

Anonymous said...

Nice post!

Yeah, constipado refers to one's nose normally from allergies. I'm constipado almost all year round. However, I am not 'estreñido' which is what we would use for 'constipated'

But, I would guess bilinguals, whose contact with English is extensive, might incorrectly use 'constipado'.

Unknown said...

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Suruchi Pandey said...

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