Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Easy-to-remember idioms (Part IV)

Hey everyone! Today, we'll continue with our easy-to-remember idioms list. Let's get started!

That makes two of us
This expression is used when one is in the same position or holds the same opinion as the previous speaker. In other words, "I agree with you" or "I understand what you feel". In Spanish, we say "Ya somos dos". For example, "I have no idea" - "That makes two of us" --> "No tengo idea" - "Ya somos dos". Another example, "I wish I didn't have to take the final exam today" - "That makes two of us!" --> "Desearía no tener que tomar el examen final hoy" - "¡Ya somos dos!"

And while we're at it...
This is something you say when you're talking about something and you want to add something else related to it. In Spanish we say, "Y ya que estamos en esto...". For example, "...and this is a very common mistake. And while we're at it, let me show you a way to avoid..." --> "Y este es un error muy común. Y ya que estamos en esto, permítanme mostrarles una manera de evitar..."

He/she doesn't lift a finger
This means a person does not make the slightest effort to do something, esp. to help someone (usually because he/she is lazy). In Spanish, we say either "No mueve (ni) un dedo" or "No levanta (ni) un dedo". In both cases, "ni" is optional. For example, "He can see that I'm busy, but he doesn't lift a finger." --> "Puede ver que estoy ocupada, pero no mueve un dedo".

You don't say!
This expression is used to express amazement or disbelief. In Spanish, we say "¡No me digas!". For example, "My sister met David Beckham while she was in Spain" - "You don't say!" --> "Mi hermana conoció a David Beckham cuando estuvo en España" - "¡No me digas!".

So far, so good
This is said when the progress has been satisfactory up to now. In Spanish, you can say "Hasta ahora todo bien". For example, "How's your new job going?" - "So far, so good." --> "¿Qué tal tu nuevo empleo?" - "Hasta ahora, todo bien".

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