Friday, March 2, 2007

Training you dog

If you've got a dog, you may be wondering which are the Spanish commands to train your dog. Now, imagine how it must feel for your dog, when one person says "sit!" and another says "¡sentado!". Therefore, you should choose only one language to train your dog. And even more, you should use only one word for each command. And of course, anyone involved in training your dog -your family, for instance- must use consistent vocabulary when commanding the dog.

The following is a suggested list of commands, but you can change the words as long as you stick to them.

  • Sit! – ¡Siéntate! ¡Sentado! ¡Sienta!
  • Stand! – ¡En pie! ¡Parado!
  • Down! Lie down! Lie there! – ¡Échate! ¡Suelo! ¡Tumba! ¡Echa!
  • Come! Here! –¡Ven! ¡Ven aquí/acá! ¡Aquí!
  • Let’s go! – ¡Vamos! ¡Vámonos!
  • Stay! Wait! – ¡Quieto! ¡Quédate! ¡Ahí!
  • Fetch the stick! – ¡Ve por el palito!
  • Roll over! – ¡Da la vuelta! ¡Voltéate! ¡Gira!
  • Catch the ball! – ¡Atrapa la pelota!
  • Chase the ball! – ¡Persigue la pelota!
  • Jump! – ¡Salta!
  • Get down off the couch! – ¡Bájate del sofá!
  • Don't jump on the furniture! – ¡No te subas a los muebles!
  • Don't jump up on him! – ¡Atrás!
  • Play dead. – Hazte muerto. ¡Muerto!
  • Heel! Close! – ¡Junto! ¡Al pie! ¡Al lado!
  • Off! Leave it! Drop it! – ¡Suelta(lo)! ¡Deja(lo)!
  • Enough! All Done! – ¡Ya! ¡Suficiente!
  • Not! – ¡No!
  • Quiet! – ¡Silencio!
  • Give – ¡Dame(lo)!
  • Easy – ¡Tranquilo!
  • Bring – Trae
  • Search, Find or Track – Busca
  • Attack – Ataca
  • Good boy – ¡Bien! ¡Muy bien! ¡Buen perro!
  • Bad boy – ¡Perro malo!

Note that many commands are in the familiar you form (tú). However, many dog owners address their pets using the formal you (usted).

Here you'll find some info on the Spanish commands:

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Anonymous said...

i had a coker spaniel it liked to eat papas too much

Erica said...

OK my question is in a recall exercise you call you dog and there supposed to sit in front of you then you tell them to finish or by heel or around how would You tell your dog to do that? would you just say heel again or what?

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Best rgs

Heide M. said...

It's always good to have a reminder of what phrases to use. Thanks for posting.