Thursday, April 12, 2007


Do you know what this means: "Soy risueño y me hacen cosquillas"
I heard it and it sounds like an idiom but not sure what it means.

- Marycelis

Hi Marycelis,

"Risueño" is an adjective to describe someone who is always smiling and/or laughing. And "hacer consquillas (a alguien)" means to tickle (somebody). It would go "I smile/laugh easily and they tickle me".

Now, I hadn't heard this idiom before, but I would guess it means something similar to this other idiom: "El niño que es llorón y la mamá que lo pellizca" (not only is he a crybaby, but also his mother pinches him). In other words, a person is inclined/dispose/willing to do something and someone else encourages him or does something else to give him a push to do it...

There are few other idioms with the word "cosquillas". For example, we say "No me hace ni cosquillas" (it doesn't even tickle me) meaning "this doesn't affect me in the slightest". For example, you could say to someone who is trying to intimidate you with his words: "Tus palabras no me hacen ni cosquillas", in other words, I don't care what you say; your words mean nothing to me.

"Buscarle cosquillas (a alguien)" means to annoy or tease someone. "hacerle a alguien cosquillas (algo)" means something makes someone curious, or it tickles his fancy. And "tener malas cosquillas" means to be touchy.

Hope this helps,

- Karin

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