Friday, January 12, 2007

¿Ser o estar bueno?

What's the difference between "Soy muy bueno" and "Estoy muy bueno"?. Both are translated to English as "I am very good."

- Joe

Interesting question Joe. Indeed, a literal English translation for both phrases would be "I am very good", but they've got a VERY different meaning in Spanish.

Here's my explanation: "Soy muy bueno" means "I'm a very nice person" or "I'm very good (at doing something)". e.g. "Soy muy bueno tocando el piano" (I'm very good at playing the piano).

The other statement, "Estoy muy bueno", means "I'm (very) sexy" and "My body is tasty", or even "I am good in bed".

So, be sure to choose the proper verb according to your intention.

Take care,

- Karin

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