Friday, December 22, 2006

Novedad = Good News?

Hi there,

Does a novedad always refer to news that is good? Or can a novedad also refer to bad news? For example, does it sound redundant to say, buenas novedades?

Thanks in advance!

- Solea1717

Hi Solea1717,

The word novedad is neutral. In addition, we usually use novedad in singular.

For example, you can ask someone: ¿Alguna novedad? (Anything new?)
And the answer could be a good new or a bad one.

It's also used to say: Sin novedad. (Nothing's new -or- without any incidents).

How ever, if you want to say good news, you can say: Buenas noticias. It's more colloquial.

Take care,

- Karin

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