Friday, December 22, 2006

No purchase necessary

On sweepstakes and giveaways, the phrase no purchase necessary is translated into Spanish as...?

Thanks in advance,

- Aikelle

Hi Aikelle,

For giveaways, we use the phrase sin compromiso (literally "withouth any compromise"). It means, you can feel free to receive the giveaway and try it without buying it.

For sweepstakes, we say "No requiere compra(s) adicionales" (literally, "no additional purchase necessary". This is said when you bought a product that will participate in a lottery. In other words, it wasn't totally free - you had to buy it first, but after buying it you won't need to pay for any other stuff. e.g. You buy a cereal box, and it has a cupon to participate in a lotery to win a DVD. You paid for it, but you don't need to buy anything else to claim your prize (if you win).


- Karin

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