Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Echar aguas

Spanish speaking guys I work with use the phrase "Echame Aguas" to request help in backing the truck up safely.

Can anyone shed some light on this usage?


"Echar aguas" is usually used when someone is doing something that must remain a secret... most likely illegal or illicit (but not always). So, this person needs someone to look out for him... so he says "Echame aguas", meaning "Let me know if someone else comes".

And if a person wants to warn someone else, he can say "¡Aguas!". This means "Watch out!".

In this case, they probably mean "Can you look out and let me know when can I back the truck up safely?"

- Karin

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Jack said...

On the streets in Mexico you can frequently hear a mother saying ¡Aguas! to her children as they walk along. It means "look out" for something that may be on the sidewalk (dog poop) or anything that may pose a danger (a trip hazard).

I have been told that the expression dates from the pre-plumbing days, when people had chamber pots in the bedrooms which they emptied out the window onto the street after shouting "¡Aguas! to warn those passing by below. :>)