Saturday, February 10, 2007

¿Soy o estoy jubilado?

Which is correct -- "soy" or "estoy jubilado"?

You can say either "soy" or "estoy jubilado". The former means "soy una persona jubilada" (I am a retired person). The latter means "mi estado actual es jubilado" (I am retired now/for the moment). It's a very slight difference, and I would use them interchangeably. But both are OK.

The same thing happens when talking about your marital status.

You can say:
  • Soy/Estoy soltero(a)
  • Soy/Estoy casado(a)
  • Soy/Estoy divorciado(a)
"Soy soltero" means "soy un hombre soltero", while "estoy soltero" means "mi estado civil es soltero". Both are OK.

Now, notice that when the marital status is "casado" you can only use "estoy" if you want to add who are you married to. For example, "Estoy casado con Linda". (Never "Soy casado con Linda").

And keep in mind not ALL adjectives can be placed with both "ser" and "estar", so it's not a universal thing.

- Karin

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Phillip said...

You da bomb for explaining this. Thanks!!!!