Wednesday, December 27, 2006

When speaking Spanish...?

I am not the best spanish student, and my accent is pretty bad. My question is, when I am speaking (or trying at least) to speak spanish, do you think that native spanish speakers are laughing at me in their head?? I know it is a kind of paranoid question lol but I always wondered. My spanish teacher said that they would appreciate that I am making an effort...but I'm pretty bad lol So if you speak another language and you hear it spoken incorrectly do you assume that person is an idiot?

- Tiffany C

Hi Tiffany,

This is a very common question. Don't worry, you're not the only one! I'm a native Spanish speaker and here's my experience:

We admire the effort that non-Spanish people do to communicate with us. Latinamericans (and Spanish too, I guess) are usually afraid to speak in English for the same reason... they don't have a nice accent. And most of the time they prefer to remain silent or ask someone else to speak for them. It's our culture. So when we hear a non-Spanish speaker trying to communicate with us in Spanish, even if their spanish isn't very good... we don't laugh!

OK, that works for most of the people... but there would only be mean people... that's for sure!!!

- Karin

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