Wednesday, December 6, 2006

St. Vitus Dance

Today I'm sharing a very colorful expression.It's only one, because I need to explain a little bit about it.

Saint Vitus Dance [1]

Vitus was a christian martir from Sicily. He's considered the patron saint of actors, comedians, dancers and of those who suffere epilepsy.

Sain Vitus Dance is a strange neurological disorder. It's characterized by quick involuntary movements of of the feet or the hands. Today, it's also known as "Sydenhyam's Chorea". It's called "Saint Vitus Dance" because he was invoked by people who suffered this disease during the Middle Ages.

The Expression

In Spanish, the phrase Le dio el baile San Vito or Tiene el baile San Vito (Literally, He/She's got Saint Vitus Dance) became popular to refer to someone who is unusually behaving hyper, moving a lot and -probably- laughing. It's also used to refer to someone who needs to pee urgently.

The disease is known as Saint Vitus Dance in English. However, the expression is only used in Spanish. One way we might say such an expression in English is "He's got ants in his pants".

[1] Check these links for more information about St. Vitus (saint) and St. Vitus Dance (disease).

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